Saturday, January 31, 2009

All Star Men Theatre - Steam Heat

Straight Fraternity Preview - Diego

Diego's Huge Cock Sucked by a guy for the first time! Click here to see more on

Man of the Day - Runner

Friday, January 30, 2009

Straight Fraternity Preview - Boxer Luis

This guy has the body AND dick of death!

Man of the Day - Boxer

Randy Blue Preview - Shower Room Orgy

Gym showers, glory holes, sucking and fucking, all with a powerhouse of Randy Blue models... Eddie Diaz, Lucky Daniels, Colby Keller, Leo Giamani, and Jeremy Walker - Jacob K in Shadow Box

From the video: We first saw Jacob in the boxing ring, so we felt if appropro to shoot him for Male Perfection doing some shadow boxing. He was right in his element. Although he worked up a sweat and was dripping wet, every time we asked if he wanted to take a break he just shook his head and kept right on going.

It was nice when we got him out of his shorts and saw that beautiful ass, but what really stunned us was when he lost the jockstrap. Let's just say Jacob is a big boy with some mighty low hangers!

So aside from the rest of his incredibly sculpted body, beaming smile, and playful personality, as the day progressed and he became more comfortable with us, he exposed more an more of that wonderful package. Click here to see all of what Jacob has to offer.

Garden of Adam - Boxer

Thursday, January 29, 2009 - Big Balls - Workout

From This started as a workout video, with Vince doing crunches on the ball, but when we saw how the light was playing off Vince's incredible muscles the concept was changed. The huge warehouse windows allowed pheonominal lighting - a perfect play of highlighting Vince and throwing him into shadows.

This is the type of video I had envisioned when I opened MP. Granted, if I had my had my way it would have been edited a lot more quickly, like a true music video. But I understand the desire to have the edits run slower so everyone can drink in the beauty of the Italian stud.

It was fun shooting this with Vince. He had just returned from a week of shooting some of his first porn scenes, and the concept of being a part of something more artistic blew him away when we showed him the footage in between takes. Click here to see the rest of Big Balls!

Man of the Day - Boner

Randy Blue Preview - Damone Jerks in the Gym

Damone Danilo has been away from Randy Blue for a while, and we're thrilled to have him back showing off his huge muscles in our very own Randy Blue gym.

Randy Blue Preview - Bryce and Reese

Reese Rideout can't get a moment's rest. If he's not doing a photo shoot for another magazine, he's off doing personal appearances as Men's Magazine Man of the Year. But even with his busy schedule he always makes time to make a super hot video for you guys. He's in perfect shape, adorable as always and his award winning personality shines through no matter if he's strutting his stuff on stage or fucking a hot ass in a video. And with his amazing body and gorgeous cock it's no wonder he's been getting so much praise lately. One of our newest guys who's been proving to be an exceptional talent is Bryce Barrington. His videos with Leo and Braden were some of the hottest and he's aching to do more. I knew that putting him with Reese would give you guys the kind of video you'd have to put into your favorites the minute it was finished. Well, after you clean yourself up first. The two of them had an amazing chemistry together and it really shows. Bryce loves sucking cock and takes Reese's humongous rod all the way down his open throat. Bryce gives it his full attention, making Reese so horny that he can't wait to ram it up his hungry hole. And while he starts off by sliding it gently in, after a little while he's ramming that man ass for all it's worth. And Bryce can't get enough of it. In fact, he's so into his ass that he's not even concerned with his cock. And that's just as well because Reese pounds him in a bunch of different positions, the last of which is any ravenous bottom boy's dream, face down over the side of the bed letting Reese shove every last inch of his huge cock deep inside, open access. And Bryce won't even think about getting off until Reese shoots a huge sticky load all over his back. Once he's sure Reese is satisfied he lets himself go and shoots his own load all over that muscular chest of his.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Flickr - Man of the Day


Randy Blue Preview - 4 way jerkoff

Four of Randy Blue's newest hotshots get together for a red hot circle jerk after the game. See Christian Sharp, Daxx Matthews, Buddy Davis and Max Cruz in their first group video.

All Star Men Theatre - Longshot: Making The Game

The boys don’t call him MISTER LONG SHOT for nothing! Barrett Long is the star of the basketball team, but he won’t play in the big game unless his stud English teacher, Kent Larson, gives him a passing grade. Trying his hardest to keep focused, thoughts of his handsome young teammates Trent Stone and Joel Drake fucking in the locker room fill his thoughts. In the school john, Barrett Long joins in the action as Jett Allen forces his hard dick down the throat of cocky punk Owen Hawk. After shooting his load with those studs, Barrett Long gets turned on again as Chad Knight give his hard 8 inches to cock-hungry students Pierre Fitch and Filippo Romano in the classroom next door. The sight of Barrett’s huge bulge is finally too much as Kent submits to his student, who happily obliges him with all 11 inches of cock. Barrett gets the grade, makes the game, and scores his hot teacher’s ass too!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009 - Brothers Wrestling

Recently, Corey contacted us saying that he would be cutting down again for competition and asked if we wanted to shoot. As an added bonus, he said that he wanted to do two fight videos with his brother, Rich - one wrestling and the other sparring Jiu-Jitsu. One catch: Rich wouldn't get naked or even strip down to his jockstrap. We said, "As long as you get naked, Corey, it's all good" but the furthest Rich would allow Corey to strip, and still fight him, was Corey in a jockstrap.

Getting to see Corey in nothing but a jock, grappling with his brother? Hell yeah! So, for our one-year anniversary we're releasing these two new videos of the Brothers P fighting and wrestling. Click here to see the rest on

Flickr - Shirtless Wrestling

Follow this link to a great set of pictures of shirless guys wrestling. You will have to be logged into Flickr to see as it is "Mature" content. Enjoy!

Flickr - Man of the Day

Musclular Wrestler

Monday, January 26, 2009

Sean Cody - Mike - Baseball

Randy Blue Preview - Nick Braso

Man of the Day - Lifeguard

Is this lifeguard going to rescue me, or am I going to have to rescue him?

Flickr - Naked Surfer

Naked Surfer

Sunday, January 25, 2009 - Dion T Playing Basketball

Dion believes in training both mind and body, so he spends as much time reading as he does in the gym. He worked in Japan as an English teacher for a number of years and can speak Japanese fluently. Now he is currently working on a manuscript for a science-fiction novel and enjoys modeling from time to time. See the rest of Dion's video at by clicking here, it includes a great scene for the foot lovers. - Naked Guys and Nude Jocks

I found this video of the models on You Tube, way hot! Click here to visit MalePerfection to see more!

Straight Fraternity Preview - 2 Brothers

These two brothers from California wanted to wear sunglasses to protect their identities. That's OK because they still look fucking hot. Each claims they have the bigger cock. What do YOU think?

Sean Cody - Ben - Soccer & Med School

ben08 ben05

Ben is 19 years old, straight, and a sophomore in college majoring in biology.
"I want to go to med school," he told me. "Be a doctor."
He also mentioned that he moved away from his parents to go to a university in a different state.
"It's been a lot of fun," he said about his new found freedom. "It's a lot easier to hook up with girls without having to worry about your mom finding out!"
Ben has a beautiful, lean body, with a little bit of chest hair, a nice treasure trail, and a firm, hairy ass. I love the way his nuts tighten up when he's about to cum!

Visit to see the rest of Ben's photos and jerkoff video.


Xtube Feature - College Baseball Uniform Jerkoff

All Star Men Theatre - Joe Up-Close

Flickr - Man of the Day

Sport Jock

Jock Strap Baseball

NAKED FOR A CAUSE - The Making of Preview 2009

Saturday, January 24, 2009

OFFICIAL VIDEO: NAKED FOR A CAUSE Australian Footballers Calendar

Flickr - Man of the Day


All Star Men Theatre - Slam 2: Secrets Of A Wrestler

Thirteen of the hottest studs doing what they do best... right in the sweaty gym!

Xtube Feature - Jerkoff in a Football Gear

Randy Blue Preview - Dustin & Lucas

After a nice sweaty workout, Dustin River and Lucas Vick take advantage of a deserted locker room to have some fun.

College Amateur Jerkoff - Ray

Flickr - Shirtless Guys at the Beach

Slideshow from Flickr - Summertime in Chicago and California by evanembee

Hot Aussie Footy Players Shirtless Blog

Check out this blog with the "The Hottest Australian Rugby League & Aussie Rules Players"

Friday, January 23, 2009

Flickr - Man of the Day

standing tall

All Star Men Theatre - Warr N Piece Blows Coach Karl

Chilean soccer star Warr N Piece starts the season off right by blowing Coach Karl. - Watch the video now at the All Star Men Theatre.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

All Star Men Theatre - College Swim Team

These stunning athletes have been partying more than practicing. Their coach has a special nude workout in store for them. Poolside calisthenics, in-water workouts, rigorous laps, one-on-one sprints, side-by-side relay races - our underwater cameras capture every detail of their smooth, naked, muscular bodies knifing through the water. During breaks, each swimmer proudly displays the results of the hard work - his beautifully formed nude body in breathtaking close-up. Practice makes these men perfect!

Flickr - Man of the Day

anton wet

Flickr - Pool Party

Inappropriate Behavior Party 2005

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Flickr - Man (Men) of the Day


Ready for some touch football?

Randy Blue Preview - Bryce & Leo

Have you ever been working out and have a really hot buddy spot you, causing you to have a big hard-on, totally distracting you from your workout? What goes through your mind at that point? Are you hoping he won't notice the huge tent in your gym shorts? Or do you think it would be hot if he did? Maybe he'll offer to suck you off while you work out. After a few viewings you may not be able to get through a full workout without sporting wood of your own. But who knows, maybe you'll find a workout buddy like Bryce or Leo to help you out.

Xtube Feature - Jockstraps - Jerseys - Jocks

Check back soon for more hot jock pics, I found this one on

Randy Blue Preview - Vincent fucked in the locker room

Bukbuddies Preview - Mitch in Jersey


All Star Men Theatre - Balls in Play

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Randy Blue Preview - Chip the Cyclist

Flickr - Man (Men) of the Day

Follow this link to a hot slideshow of men in speedos

Monday, January 19, 2009

Make of the French Rugby Calendar

Randy Blue Preview - Zak Parker works out

Bukbuddies Preview - Carl & Greg Workout


Check out these 2 twin brothers at, as they take it all off for you!


Xtube Feature - Blow Job in a Football Jersey

All Star Men Theatre - High Sticking

After an intense hockey game, JAN DVORAK and his teammates want to take a hot shower and relax. But instead, they end up getting even more dirty and sweaty in the locker room while playing with each other's hockey stick.

Flickr - Hockey Hotties

Hot Guy