Saturday, February 28, 2009

English Lads Preview - Kurt Lyle

Man of the Day - Runner


Friday, February 27, 2009

College Dudes 247 - Rip Cali - Dillon Rodriguez in Shower

About this Video: Shower
Originally we weren't going to shoot Dillon Rodriguez in the shower. After arriving in the U.S. and checking into the hotel, he wanted to shower in an attempt to wake up. Having a question for John, he walked into the living area wearing nothing but a low-wrapped towel, his hair still dripping wet. It was at that moment John knew he had to get Dillon back in the shower so you could also experience this dripping wet Spanish god.
The are a few incredible shots of Dillon's ass in this video. John shot up from the floor, zooming in close enough that you can virtually count each downy hair on Dillon's two beautiful mounds.
Sit back, let you hand slide down, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this masculine Spaniard.

More about Dillon:
Dillon Rodriguez is one of those rare finds because he has a handsome chiseled face, an impeccably tight, sculpted, muscular body, and a fun-loving personality.
Dillon is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who feels comfortable both in front of the camera and behind. In Spain he is a commercial photographer, and one of the reasons he wanted to be on MP is because he loves the use of light and shadows in the videos, so we shot some old school footage using high contrast.
I love booking Latin men because they aren't as inhibited with their movements. And they know how to give that look - that smoldering hot look that pulls you in and consumes you.

Click here to see more of Dillon!

Flickr - Man (Men) of the Day - Sean Scott and Todd Rogers

AVP Finals '08 20 - Sean Scott and Todd Rogers
To see the entire slide show of pics from the AVP Men's Finals '08 click here

Thursday, February 26, 2009

English Lads Preview - Andy Jon

Man (Men) of the Day - Soccer Team - Plymouth Argyle FC

Plymouth Argyle FC

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

College Dudes 247 - Jason Plays Soccer

Man of the Day - Ryan White - UK Naked Men - Vince Ferelli in Brushed Steel

About this Video: Brushed Steel
I like the concept that John came up with for this video. And there is just something ultra masculine about the steel doors, cream city brick and air duct piping that made this the perfect setting for Vince Ferelli.
Plus the use of shadows used as a cock block, and the now-you-see-it now-you-don't panning style of Vince's package through the tube gives way to some great tease.
The warehouse is a commercial space for artists and musicians, and just on the other side of the steel doors is the main thoroughfare. Due to the lighting Vince must have been casting shadows across the smoked windows. People on the other side of the door were curious and kept peaking through the crack between the doors. Surprisingly, Vince became nervous about it, so much so that John had to fill the space between the doors. Once that was down, Vince was once again raring to go.

About Vince:
Vince Ferrelli entered the adult market a week prior to shooting with us, and he's jumping in with both feet. Matter of fact, he is so overly booked with adult gigs that if it weren't for a cancellation, we would have missed shooting him last time. So you'll be seeing quite a bit of him in the future for a number of different companies..
Although he has experimented with a guy once in the past, and says that he's 80% straight, he has made the decision to do gay-for-pay. "Why else?" he admits, "It pays more."
Vince is great - rough around the edges, opinionated and extremely intelligent, but also a team player that will do whatever is best for a project he is working on.

Click here to see more of Vince!

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Ryan Star in Cum Eater

About this Video: Cum Eater

This was the first video we shot of Ryan Star. The intention was to have John jack him off, feed Ryan his cum, and then have Ryan cum again.

Ryan came while John jacked him off, but John's hands were to greasy to pick up Ryan's cum, so Ryan fed himself - the first time he's eaten his own cum.

What John didn't know until almost the end of the video is that Ryan LOVES having his ass played with, and when John started working his ass was when Ryan shot his load.

There is also some great footage of Ryan's butt hole, which many of you have been asking for!

Click here to see more of Ryan Star on!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

English Lads Preview - Jacob Sims

Man (Men) of the Day - Wrestling Buddies

Monday, February 23, 2009

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Owen

About this Video: Massage
I love watching straight guys' first experiences with another man, and Owen is no different.

John eased him into the massage, talking with him for almost a half hour before they began. He explained that the main concentration would be on Owen's cock and ass, and that he would be pushing the tip of his finger in Owen's butt hole. "Every time I got near his butt hole it cinched shut," said John, "It took a long time for him to relax enough to get part of my finger in."

And then came the cock play. It's fun because Owen's eyes are open throughout most of the video, watching John's every move.

"Owen is a great guy," said John. "Sincere and down to earth." Click here to join!

Flickr - Man of the Day - Venice Muscle Beach

Mr. Venice Beach '08 60
Click here to see the rest of the Mr. Venice Beach 2008 Slideshow on Flickr - Kory Gates in Frontal Shower 2

About this Video: Frontal Shower 2
There was too much good footage of Kory Gates in the bathroom that I couldn't let it go to waste so I split it into two videos. Normally, the second part would have been released on RHJ but there was no blood surge in this footage, so both shower videos will be released exclusively on MP.
This contains a little more stand and pose from the portion of the video that we did still shots for publicity purposes.
Kory is quickly becoming a member favorite, and why not? He's ultra masculine. Has an incredible body and a chiseled face. And those deep penetrating eyes that render you helpless.

About Kory:
Like many of the guys on MP, Kory Gates has never previous appeared in video, so this is your first look at this tall, incredibly handsome, uninhibited stud.
We shot the outside footage first, and you wouldn't know it from watching the final video but we had a slight problem - the people walking downtown started to congregate to watch as we filmed. Even when we moved to an alley spectators stopped to watch Kory removing his shirt. The intent was to have Kory open his fly and have the pants drop slowly, displaying some ass crack and some frontal peek-a-boo, but there was no way we could do anything remotely risque outside with all the people around. The upside is the we immediately knew Kory would do very well on MP.
Kory is open to anything, so long as it has a heterosexual theme, so you'll be seeing a lot more of Kory in the future (in more ways than one). He is definitely a guy that we'll book again, pushing him as far as he'll allow us

Click here to see more on

Sunday, February 22, 2009

UK Naked Men Preview - Men of the Match

Oh those rugby club initiation ceremonies... When new team member Stefan not only plays well but scores the winning try he can expect to be showered with praise, but this being the UKNM rugby team, he gets showered with a lot more... Team spirit mixes with pent-up excitement and before you know it, a celebratory rub and suck has turned into a full-on cum shower with two of our heaviest cummers; Matt Hughes and Tyson, spraying Stefan from cock to forehead with continuous streams of cum. The sight and sensation of his two horse-hung team mates unloading onto him brings Stefan to a shuddering, gushing climax and he shoots his own load like a geyser, adding even more to the pools of cum which are now running down his body. The first-match nerves are gone, the team has bonded and Stefan's the man of the match.

To see their Preview Movie on UK Naked Men, click here.

For 20 more free pics of these guys in action. Click here.

English Lads Preview - Will Cornwall

Man of the Day - Fishing

Now here is a fishing buddy! How about the buldge in the shorts?

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Ryan Star in Finger Fuck and Cum

About this Video: Finger Fuck and Cum
This is about a straight forward as a JO video gets. Two cameras, Ryan Star jacking off. John finger fucking him. Ryan cums.
This was the second load Ryan shot (of three within 70 minutes) with the expectation of stringing all three together in one video. Because John changed too many aesthetics between shots, they were released as three separate videos.
So here is the second cum shot. No lead-in. No special thrills. Just one oozing spill.

About Ryan Star

I like to book all types of jocks. Ryan Star is a runner, and his tight round ass is proof of that.
When Ryan submitted himself, he boasted of a turbo sex drive that could outlast virtually anyone, and admitted to cumming multiple times a day. So we booked him to cum as many times as possible within thirty minutes, planning to just let the cameras roll. Unfortunately, we did not specify that he should not cum during the days leading up to the shoot and he had sex, multiple times, the night before.
He easily pumped out three loads within 70 minutes, the only difference is that I'll release them as three separate videos.
The first cum shot was of John jacking him off. Afterward, Ryan said, "You know what made me cum? You playing with my asshole." So Ryan jacked himself for the second cum shot while John played with his ass. And to put Ryan over the edge a thrid time, John had four fingers buried deep in Ryan's ass.

Click Here to go to to see more!

Naked Calendar by National French Fencing Junior Team

In an effort to find new hot athletes for the blog, I found that in 2006, the national French fencing junior team made a calendar à la Dieux du Stade. As you will be able to tell by looking at their fine bodies, fencing demands velocity and strength in both arms and legs. The photographer's name is Christian Larillot. Unfortunately, this was the only year they made a calendar. Enjoying the naked fencing team!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

College Dudes 247 - Damien the Ball Player

Alain Lamas Preview - Empire State

Alain Lamas has his own official site with more videos, pictures, a live cam, and more... Click here to see!

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Hunter in Happy Ending

About this Video: Happy Ending
Tri-athlete Hunter has one of those firm hairy asses that you could spend hours admiring and feeling.

The previous night, while filming the coach video, John could barely squeeze one finger into Hunter's tight little hole. The next morning, while shooting this massage video, Hunter was completely relaxed with the situation, and John managed to lance Hunter with three fingers.

There are three things I love about this video: watching Hunter's entire body tense as John impales him deeper and with more fingers, listening to Hunter moan as John works his butt hole, and that he stays hard the entire time.

Then Hunter flips over allowing John to work his long thick cock. Click here to join!

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Pat Bateman in "Hard On"

About this Video: Hard On
Pat Bateman is one of those guys that can get it up no matter what, and keep it up. Not only does he have the raging hormones that allow him to do so, he just doesn't care what other people think about him.
Right now his life is pretty much just one big sexual excursion. "I fuck for my day job, go to the gym, work out, eat something and relax, and then find a woman and fuck again all night," he said. "My sex drive is insatiable, which is why I'm in this industry."
John didn't pay much attention while shooting, but watching the footage my wife said, "Pat has two pee holes." Seth, who helped shoot the three way, thinks that Pat has/had a Prince Albert. Take a look in this video and see if you can tell. Click here to go to

Man of the Day - Josh - WWF Ryan Mackton

Male Perfection proudly brings you WWF professional wrestler Ryan Mackton in his first ever nude videos.
His entire life Ryan wanted to become a pro wrestler, and has successfully done so, now moving up the ranks within the organization. "It's my passion," said Ryan. "If I'm not competing in the ring, I working back stage. Every day I learn something new."
I asked why he wanted to be on Male Perfection. "Why not?!?" he answered, and that seems to be his attitude with just about everything: Give it a try and if it works that's great, if not at least he tried.
Ryan has done a number of fitness and wrestling promo shoots. MP will be his video debut, with his first ever solo on RHJ.
About the Video "Putting On A Show" Pro wrestler Ryan Mackton comes home from winning a meet and notices that he's left his web cam turned on, and that you're watching him, so he puts on a show for you. But this is better than a web cam because you move around him, getting the best angles of this young athlete's incredible body.
What do you like best about Ryan? His youthful face, smile, thick eyelashes and baby blue eyes? His guns? His chest, abs and oblique? Or are you more interested in his cock and ass?
Ryan strips completely nude for you, allowing the web cam to linger on his tight butt and engorged hard on.
Let Ryan seduce you, making you wet, again and again! Click here to see his preview page!

Friday, February 20, 2009

English Lads Preview - Matt Brooks


Man of the Day - Johnny Castle

Johnny Castle on

Thursday, February 19, 2009

College Dudes 247 - Lubed Wrestling

College Dudes 247 - Spencer Stone and Felix Andrews

Cam Guys Preview - Baseball Player

Video chat with the Baseball Player at by clicking here

Man of the Day - Basketball Hunk

Chico's Angels On stage 214

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - RC Ryan

Wonder what you would do if you walked in on him? Would you offer to help, taking him all the way to completion. Letting him cum on you or in you? Would you take your time? Or since lunch is almost over, would you get right down to business and help him pump one out?

It's your fantasy. Do with him as you will! Click here to see the entire video!

Man of the Day - Grey

Meet Grey, from, who is in an accelerated auto technician program focusing on high-end performance cars. He wanted some extra cash, and although he was leery about letting another guy touch him, he caved and agreed.
I love listening Grey's sweet North Carolina accent, and then he smiles at you with that cocky endearing shit-eatin' grin and you just want to drop to your knees, or spin him around and have your way with that tight ass.
This is Grey's first time on video. Although a bit nervous, he jumped out of his clothes, worked one up, and dumped one without any effort at all. Click here to see more!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

All Star Men Galleries - Jude Collin & Antonio Madiera

There are 1000's of free pictures available for your pleasure in the All Star Men Galleries (Click to see more)

To see the Antonio and Jude fucking after their wrestling match, click here!

College Dudes 247 - Todd Gunn

English Lads Preview - Johnny B

Johnny is a tall str8 lad, 6’4/187cms, broad shouldered with a muscular body, smooth chest and hairy legs. He plays a lot of rugby, with those classic well built thighs! He is really fun to work with as he is so full of energy… and spunk! Johnny enjoys being photographed, there is no doubt he is flattered by the attention and is very relaxed and enjoys performing for the camera! (Click here to see more pictures and videos of Johnny, including him fingering his smooth ass...)

You Tube - Nick Youngquest - Pro Rugby

My Friends Feet Review - Brandon

From I met Brendan through a friend of mine a few weeks ago. I was immediately struck by his good looks and his friendliness. He is back in grad school working on another degree right now. When we were chatting I told him about this site and he seemed interested in hearing more about it. He had never done any modeling before - which really surprised me - and said he would be up for letting me take some photos of him. He is a big guy at 6' 2" and a real jock. He said he keeps very active between work and working out. His eyes are very, very blue and the camera really brings them out. He has nice and big size 11 feet. We went to the park after a workout to get shots of his white socks and feet. His socks are worn down at the heel, and he seemed a little embarrassed about that. I told him that was even better for the photos that way. After taking lots of photos of his socks he pulled them off one by one to display his bare feet. I could tell that he takes care of both his body and his feet. They are big, strong and masculine, just like Brendan himself! I reall enjoyed the shoot with him - he was very comfortable in front of the camera and cool about letting me take shots of his socks and feet. He said he would be glad to do it again. Click here to see more of his feet!

Manifest Men Preview - Johnny Castle

Click here to see more pictures of Johnny from Manifest Men

Cam Guys Preview - Bryan Thomas

Model: Bryan Thomas
See him live on the Cam Guys by clicking here.

Man of the Day - Gabe Johansen - Football

Gabe's profile on ModelMayhem
Photographer: Michael Anthony Downs

Monday, February 16, 2009

You Tube - Alain Lamas


Randy Blue Preview - Daniel Mathews

From Randy Blue: I was asking our newest model, Daniel Mathews, why he came to Randy Blue. His story amazed me. He said that he loves rock climbing and anything physical. That made a lot of sense to me considering the fact that he has the kind of body one only gets from a lot of physical activity. And when he's really exerting himself and the endorphins are flowing, he gets extremely horny. So there he was on an overnight rock climbing expedition with some buddies of his when they all found a flat area to spend the night. Everyone set up their tents to bunk out for the night and with a raging hardon Daniel snuck off to take care of business. It was too nice outside to stay cooped up in a tent, and the area they were at was big enough for him to go behind some rocks and let himself go with all of nature surrounding him. Just as he was really getting into it, he heard footsteps. He spun around, cock firmly in hand, to catch one of his friends staring openly at him. But before he could say anything he noticed that his friend's hand was rubbing (Click here for more...)

Manifest Men Preview - Damon Danilo

Click here to see more of Damon on

Flickr - Man of the Day - Sprint


Sunday, February 15, 2009

College Dudes 247 - Tommy Defendi Blows Troy Gabriel

Troy Gabriel and Tommy Defendi are both sexy young guys, and even though Troy was reluctant when we first asked him to get blown on film, he got over his nervousness and gave it his all - all 8 inches of it! After a little goofing around, Tommy helps Troy out in a big way, licking his shaft up and down, sucking on his head, and taking Troys cock pretty deep. Once Troy gets used to it and starts enjoying himself, he grabs Tommy by the head and starts face-fucking him - very hot! - and right before they each blow a load, Tommy even gets Troy to bend over for a taste of his beautiful pink ass! This is an awesome vid from two of our sexiest dudes! Clock here for more!

Man of the Day - Fishing - Hudson Wright Preview - Daniel

You Tube - Mad TV - Gay Straight Guys

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Man of the Day - Bell Soto Swimmer

Photographer: Bell Soto

Randy Blue Preview - Interviewing the New Coach

After a visit to their coach turns two jocks into horny pervs, they return to their school to take over his position. Coach Chris Rockway and Coach Reese Rideout put Jeremy Walker through one of the hottest interviews ever. (All Star note: This the first movie with Jeremy Walker getting fucked hard by Reese and Rockway, VERY hot)

Lucas Kazan Preview - Alexy & Jean

Friday, February 13, 2009

College Dudes 247 - Ryan Hall Busts A Nut

Ryan Hall has a cute face and a lean tall body that reminds us of those basketball players we used to have crushes on. . . if only they all had cocks the size of Ryan! Ryan showers off for us and plays around with the soap, his big fat dick, and his asshole in this hot vid. Click here to see more!

Bukbuddies Preview - Richard Preview - Craig

Flickr - Man of the Day - Surfer


Thursday, February 12, 2009

The Guy Site Review - Johnny

If If you're a fan of the site, you'll know that a lot of the men featured modeled because they really wanted to. Johnny is one of those. He has a hard on even before he takes his pants off and he can't help dripping pre-cum while we were taking still pics. Although he's straight, he's open to exploring his sexuality and gets into some butt play in his movie. I'm sure you'll enjoy watching just as much as Johnny enjoyed performing. I know I sure did! Click here to go to the site to see more of Johnny!

Man of the Day - Sailing