Monday, February 9, 2009

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Dion in Raging Hard On

Dion T also has a cock that mesmorizes me. I sit a look at that handsome young face, his taut body, and then see that enormous dick between his legs, topped by that thick bulbulous head, How would it taste to run your tongue up his shaf and around his knob, pre-cum oozing out as a tease of what's to cum.

Then turn him around and you're presented with that scruptuous tight ass. Imagine grabbing those two cheeks, pulling them toward you a he thrusts that mighty cock deep inside you. You wrap your legs around him and he keep penetrating deeper, his dick growing and throbbing each time his pelvis and balls slap against you.

He's sitting on the exercise ball, and you sit on him, bouncing, the head of his cock touching you in places you didn't think possible. Keep bouncing up and down, he's bound to fill you up.

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