Friday, February 27, 2009 - Dillon Rodriguez in Shower

About this Video: Shower
Originally we weren't going to shoot Dillon Rodriguez in the shower. After arriving in the U.S. and checking into the hotel, he wanted to shower in an attempt to wake up. Having a question for John, he walked into the living area wearing nothing but a low-wrapped towel, his hair still dripping wet. It was at that moment John knew he had to get Dillon back in the shower so you could also experience this dripping wet Spanish god.
The are a few incredible shots of Dillon's ass in this video. John shot up from the floor, zooming in close enough that you can virtually count each downy hair on Dillon's two beautiful mounds.
Sit back, let you hand slide down, and enjoy the breathtaking beauty of this masculine Spaniard.

More about Dillon:
Dillon Rodriguez is one of those rare finds because he has a handsome chiseled face, an impeccably tight, sculpted, muscular body, and a fun-loving personality.
Dillon is a self-proclaimed exhibitionist who feels comfortable both in front of the camera and behind. In Spain he is a commercial photographer, and one of the reasons he wanted to be on MP is because he loves the use of light and shadows in the videos, so we shot some old school footage using high contrast.
I love booking Latin men because they aren't as inhibited with their movements. And they know how to give that look - that smoldering hot look that pulls you in and consumes you.

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