Monday, February 23, 2009 - Kory Gates in Frontal Shower 2

About this Video: Frontal Shower 2
There was too much good footage of Kory Gates in the bathroom that I couldn't let it go to waste so I split it into two videos. Normally, the second part would have been released on RHJ but there was no blood surge in this footage, so both shower videos will be released exclusively on MP.
This contains a little more stand and pose from the portion of the video that we did still shots for publicity purposes.
Kory is quickly becoming a member favorite, and why not? He's ultra masculine. Has an incredible body and a chiseled face. And those deep penetrating eyes that render you helpless.

About Kory:
Like many of the guys on MP, Kory Gates has never previous appeared in video, so this is your first look at this tall, incredibly handsome, uninhibited stud.
We shot the outside footage first, and you wouldn't know it from watching the final video but we had a slight problem - the people walking downtown started to congregate to watch as we filmed. Even when we moved to an alley spectators stopped to watch Kory removing his shirt. The intent was to have Kory open his fly and have the pants drop slowly, displaying some ass crack and some frontal peek-a-boo, but there was no way we could do anything remotely risque outside with all the people around. The upside is the we immediately knew Kory would do very well on MP.
Kory is open to anything, so long as it has a heterosexual theme, so you'll be seeing a lot more of Kory in the future (in more ways than one). He is definitely a guy that we'll book again, pushing him as far as he'll allow us

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