Tuesday, March 31, 2009

STR8cam.com Preview - Speedos in the Tub

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Man of the Day - Danny Care

Care for a look? Danny Care shows off his buff body for Cosmopolitan and the Everyman campaign

Monday, March 30, 2009

Authentic Footballers - Juan Carlos

Introducing our new very hot player Juan Cruz (24) ~ Click the banner below to see more!

Randy Blue Preview - Danny Rhymes and Ben Campis

From RandyBlue.com: A very hot shower, voyeuristic scene and a cat burglar scenario. We shot both and it was evident that towards the end of the shoot that these two were going to hang out a bit. Danny and Ben got along VERY well. I think the sex was really intense because both of them were a bit attracted to each other and the scenes were turning them on. Whatever reason Both guys blew each other and Danny gave Ben one hot hard fucking! Click here to see more free pics!

Man of the Day - Bryan David Thomas

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Man of the Day - Mark Marin from College Dudes

Mark Marin stands over 6 feet and weighs over 220, and he has a cock to match! This uncut stud shows us all in his first solo. Mark was a little shy at first but once he started stroking his rock hard cock he really got us going! He was so into it, breathing so heavily and whipping his dick around, we were shell shocked. It was really hot to see him bust a load all over his big hot bod. You are going to love Mark pull his pole for you! Click here for a preview gallery!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

All Star Men Theatre - Goldenrod

All Star Men Theatre: Studio 2000's Goldenrod is for your eyes only. Written and directed by Derek Kent, Goldenrod offers up a quirky story, and a cast of hypnotic hunksters that will cause your cock to cream. Goldenrod stars cute newcomer Sam Tyson. Tall, thick-dicked, and tan, this blond, boyish, bubble-butted beauty will have you instantly boned up. His trimmed bush, shaved balls and smooth butthole offer you a potent picture of perfection. His co-star is matinee idol Johnny Brosnan, a super sexualist if ever there was one. As an added bonus Brosnan, usually a bottom, proves he can top with the best of them. Together, in the final scene of Goldenrod, Tyson and Brosnan generate heat so intense your pole will be positively pulsating. Click here to see Sam Tyson in Goldenrod!

Sam Page - aka Sam Tyson - Blog

SAM PAGE, 34, is a freelance journalist, amateur rodeo cowboy and director of Sam Page Fitness, operating three private training studios in Southern California. His writing is syndicated worldwide, appearing on such websites as USA Today, Livestrong.com, FOX News, The Chicago Sun-Times and REUTERS. Click here for Sam's BLOG

Man of the Day - Kenny

Kenny can booked through Silver Models in New York, Photography by MalPhoto

Man of the Day - Sam Tyson from Randy Blue

Friday, March 27, 2009

Straight Fraternity Preview - "I BLOW PARKER'S 8 INCH ROD" Preview

Click here to see more!

Man of the Day - Shane from Randy Blue

From RandyBlue.com: Shane's another one of those sweethearts who came to LA in hopes of finding his dreams. I don't know if he's found all of them yet, but this Alabama native has undoubtedly dashed a few of the guys' hopes he left behind. Shane was an all-star on his school's baseball team. He was an achiever and very popular, causing the girls to swoon and the guys to compete for his attention. All of his early athletic training placed him in a good position for the West Hollywood gyms, where he spends a great deal of his time. "I love it there. The guys are friendly-none of that attitude I'd heard about when I got here. I get asked out a lot, and so far, I think LA's where I'm going to stay for a while," he says. Click here to see more!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Authentic Footballers - Matias and Ignacio

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STR8cam.com Preview - Big HD Cumshot Video

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From Fierce Dog: Beau is a local So Cal boy I met a few times socially before I finally managed to convince him to model. He has worked with a few other sites, but this shows him in his real element in Venice. This guy's the real deal, so before we got to his nice cock and tan bod jerk session, we headed down to Venice Beach and got some shots with the surfboard. A perfect summer day. Click here to preview more!

Man of the Day - Bryan David Thomas Volleyball

Bryan has been posted just a couple of times before... Here is a link to his fitness group on yahoo... Click here!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Man of the Day - Steve

Steve Photographed by Jason T. Jaskot

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Man of the Day - Alex from Randy Blue

Latin Muscle Jock Alex at the pool! Click here to see more!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Man of the Day - Beach Runner JT

Photography: Nevrilk
Model: JT on ModelMayhem
Website: You can see JT video chatting on CamGuys.com

Man of the Day - Stephen Moyer

Stephen Moyer, photo by Empyrean Photography - Featured as The Rear End of the Week on DNA

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Randy Blue Preview - Eddie & Reese

From Randyblue.com: What could be more steamy than a hot, sweaty workout with a couple of sexy hunks? How about if those sexy hunks were Eddie Diaz and Reese Rideout. Those of you who are avid Randy Blue Live watchers will remember that Eddie was the first model to break in our gym, with the accent on 'break' since the lights kept going out! He was so hot that night despite all the crazy tech problems going on that it made me wonder how wild it would be to see him getting it on right there on the weight bench. Eddie is a total sex pig, and I mean that with the utmost respect. He's very much in touch with his sexuality, loves sex and makes no bones about it. While I was looking for a nice new lube bottle for him to get hard with, he just laughed, spit in his hand and went to town. He doesn't just jack off, he loves every inch of his body, running his skilled hands all over his smooth skin. I could get a hard on just listening to him speak. He's a dirty talker and all the hypersexual comments that come out of that mouth of his perfectly compliment the show he gives you as he works his body. I thought it would make for a really great show to pair him up with someone he really liked, so when I asked him who he wanted to work with he got this devilish grin on his face and said that he had always wanted to do Reese. I put them together in our gym and was so glad we had rubber mats put on the floor because with all the electricity between them I would have worried the carpet was going to catch fire. Reese is looking better than ever and had so much fun with Eddie. Those two gave new meaning to the word 'workout'. And when they came, it was incredible. Once again, I'm glad we got those rubber mats on the floor. Click here to see more pics and the link to the steamy video...

Man of the Day - Alex Jaques

From Alex's ModelMayhem profile: "I'm an outgoing confident person willing to give most things a try. Would just like to try my hand at this sort of thing and make a little bit of money on the side" Click here for more...

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Randy Blue Preview - Brandon James

When Brent Diggs called me up and said that he found my newest model I was really excited. My guys always find the best new models, so I knew he had to be good. I didn't know he would be so fucking sexy! Brent met Brandon while he was dancing in a club in New York. He thought the guy looked really hot so he decided to chat him up. Next thing you know he was on a plane bound for LA. The first thing you notice about Brandon James, besides his huge hulking frame, is his handsome face, featuring a pair of intense deep brown eyes. If you ran into this six foot one hunk of flesh walking down the street you may feel a bit intimidated, especially considering that two of his many tattoos feature large fists digging meat hooks deep into the sides of his chest. But for all his tough outward appearance and his thick New York accent, he's a total teddy bear. His deep husky laugh wraps around you like a thick furry coat and his smile is so warm and inviting that you know he's really a good guy. The only thing better than his laugh are his deep, guttural moans when he jerks his dick to full hardness. And size is not the only thing he's got on his side. His body is all muscle, sculpted to perfection, smooth luscious skin showing off his gallery of body art. And there, swinging back and fourth under a patch of neatly trimmed pubes, is a meaty handful of delicious cock, erect and aching to be touched, teased, pulled and plunged. Click here to see more free pictures of this hot muscle stud!

Man of the Day - Michael Phelps

Friday, March 20, 2009

All American Guys Preview - Joshua Maliszewski

Joshua Maliszewski - The All American Guy
If given only one word to describe Josh, it would be "unforgettable." Of the hundreds of models who have passed through the AAG studio, he's the one I will be the least likely to forget. Few can equal the sheer creative energy he unleashes before the camera or act the part required for the shot as effortlessly as Josh.
If I were given 4 words to describe Josh, it would be "The All American Guy." While a model is required to assume many different identities in the course of his work, when the work is done he's as All American as it gets. Whether tearing up the mountains in his Jeep, working out in the gym, helping out his family, or sweeping the ladies off their feet in a nightclub, Josh is all guy.
You see, Josh is also impulsive, fun-loving, and a bit on the crazy side at times. It's all part of the package that guarantees life around him will never be dull.
Josh is also a personal trainer who obviously knows how to sculpt a body to perfection. Look for another post coming soon with photos from the recent shoot I did with him for a major menswear designer. Click here to see more!

Alain Lamas Preview - Domination

See the entire video on Alain's official website by clicking here.

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Dustin D in Tank Top

Dustin D is one of the most laid back, go-with-the-flow, "Tell me what you want and I'll do it" guys that we've worked with. We had two still shoots with Dustin before we started providing video, so it was a natural transition to tape him. Since he had never done video previously, at first he didn't care for it. Now he's a pro, and with each subsequent shoot, as he becomes more comfortable with us, he gives us a little more.
By trade, he is an electrician apprentice and has about a year before he's licensed. In his spare time he had modeled for Hollister and A&F, and has shot with us extensively.
As long as Dustin keeps exposing more, we'll continue to provide new footage of him for you. Click here to see more of Dustin.

English Lads Preview - Chris does Mikey

Mikey and Chris are a great pairing, they have been friends for about a year and both wanted to have sex with each other but never got it together! Mikey is a mad Arsenal fan, wearing the new seasons kit during the shoot and nicely breaking it in! He plays a little football in his free time, though sounds like its more for the shower experience after the game than the time on the pitch! You'll enjoy seeing this lad getting a good seeing to. Chris is really quite camera shy though when Mikey reaches in and pulls out his cock out pops a rock hard cock! He had been waiting for that for some time! The lads do some great oral on each other and are soon 69’ing. Mikey is feeling like getting it and Chris is fast to pull on a condom and as he pushes his cock into Mikey its quickly sucked in! The lads do some long and slow fucking, ensuring some big shoots, Mikey squirting it in his own face! Click here for more photos and the video!

Man of the Day - Daniele Montana

From Lucas Kazan: Newcomer Daniele is 25, hails from Rimini (Italy's best known beach town) and --lo and behold-- is openly gay. Sexy, strong, swarthy, Daniele embodies the so-called Italian looks but, contrary to most Italians, has no hang-ups about sexual roles at all. In fact, he has a voracious appetite for all things sexual and has performed both as a tireless top and a power bottom. Click here to see more from Daniele's photo and video shoots!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All Star Men Theatre - Surfers Doing It

Randy Blue Preview - Jesse Guzman

From RandyBlue.com: I'm often on the hunt for hot new guys to bring to you on Randy Blue but would you believe one night not long ago the hunter became the hunted? I was out at a nightclub just soaking in all the hotties when this adorable Latino guy comes up to me with a tray of shot glasses. He worked at the bar and was trying to get people to try this new brand of Vodka that was sponsoring the evening. I had one and it was really good, then I had another and another. Then, it hit me. He wasn't spending much time walking around talking to people. He kept coming back to me. Was he trying to get me drunk? Then finally, when he got rid of most of his shots, and I won't tell you how many I drank, he plopped on the couch next to me and said, 'okay Randy... when do I get to be on your site?' I was shocked. He recognized me and was obviously a fan of the site. Now, I've had guys approach me but never like this. I decided to test him. I told him I needed to see his body, and without missing a beat he pulled off his shirt and dropped his pants so I could see his underwear. Underneath his shirt he had a beautiful sculpted chest with a spattering of chest hair that hinted to the fact that he would be quite hairy if he hadn't kept it so neatly trimmed. His cute underwear had a nice sized bulge that proved he had nothing to hide and no place to hide it. And his muscular legs made it hard for him to slide his tight jeans down. I had already snuck a peek at his ass when he was quickly dumping his last few shots to passers by and it looked even hotter without the layer of denim over it. I pictured him working out all those fabulous tight muscles and when he asked me again when he could model I knew exactly what to do with him. When he came in I got a great video of him working out in our private Randy Blue Gym. His body was even more magnificent with a light sheen of sweat from the exertion of lifting weights and when he came, well let's just say he's lucky he didn't put his own eye out. You'll see what I mean. Click here for free pictures of Jesse!

Man of the Day - Steve Bugg

Steve Bugg. Photograph by Andy Houghton. www.myspace.com/andyhoughton

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - RC Ryan - Erotic Massage

About this Video: Erotic Massage / Cum
John said that of all the guys he has massaged, RC Ryan was probably the most tense about being manhandled, which surprises me considering all of the guy videos that he has performed in, both topping and bottoming.

But I suppose that's what massages are for - relaxing the tension until the recipient experiences full release. And that's exactly what happens in the end - RC dumps a big load as John works his cock.

Man of the Day - Hockey

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photographer - IrishWolf.com

To see more from photographer IrishWolf, visit his website or ModelMayhem

Notre Dame - College Football - Tom Zbikowski

Zbikowski played at Notre Dame as a freshman and started as a sophomore on varsity He was named a honorable mention All-American at the conclusion of the 2009 regular season after being named honorable mention All-American as a punt returner in 2006.

Man of the Day - Sheamus O'Shaunessy

Sheamus O'Shaunessy began his wrestling career in The Monster Factory in April 2002 where he trained under the supervision of former WWF professional wrestler Larry Sharpe along with former ECW referee Jim Molenaux. SOS made his wrestling debut 6 weeks later against WWA and TNA star Robert Pigenion.
After a bright start a neck injury in 2002 ruled Sheamus out of action for two long years...
But in May 2004 he reinitiated his wrestling career at the newly opened Irish Whip Wrestling school in Dublin and debuted for IWW in their Mount Temple show on July the 9th against the 400lbs+ "Burning Spirit", and won! After this he went on to compete against the best of foreign talent including
Vid Vain, Matt Striker, Xavier and Mikey Batts.
SOS received his first major title shot against the FWA British Heavyweight Champion Alex Shane on December 2nd 2004 and was moments away from winning, only for his long time ally Red Vinny interfered and cost him the coveted title.
Click here to go to Sheamus' Official Website.

Monday, March 16, 2009

All Star Men Theatre - Asylum

Randy Blue Preview - Jesse Davis

From RandyBlue.com: It's no surprise that I love the gym. Working out is a way I can relieve the stress of having gorgeous naked men around me all the time. It's also a great way to clear my head so I can think of new ways to feature our models so you guys will have some hot videos to watch. I was at the gym when I got a text message from a brand new model, Jesse Davis. This blonde cutie is a friend of a friend of a friend of mine and was recommended to me by... well, one of those friends. He is so cute with his short blond hair and nice body. He showed up unshaven and wanted to know if he should shave but I really liked him scruffy so I told him not to. I remember when he came in so I could interview him and he was so shy and bashful. But those blue eyes of his told me that he has a passion and fire in there that just needs a little nudging to come out. Ever since I received his pic while at the gym I kept picturing him working out. So I decided to shoot his first video in our very own gym where we sometimes do our live shows. His video went really well. I wanted him to just be himself. To relax and just enjoy it. Sometimes it's fun to get the guys to act a certain way or do certain things but Jesse has a very natural beauty that I find really sexy. So by letting him do his own workout and jerking session without any input from me seemed to be the best way to showcase his talent. The end result is a very private moment and very sensual. Sort of like you were spying on him working out in his own home without him knowing. Very voyeuristic. He's still a bit reserved but showing signs that with a little practice we'll see a sexual animal emerge soon. Click here for a free gallery of Pictures of Jesse Davis

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Andrew Justice in Couch

About this Video: Couch
This is the last of the videos Andrew Justice did for me, once again stroking that mighty hard on. I like some of his facial expressions in this because you know he would make the same faces if you were buried between his legs blowing him, sitting on that delicious cock, or pinning his knees to his earlobes and fucking that needy ass!

So, if you like furry cubs you'll enjoy some alone time with Andrew!

Man of the Day - Patrick Kearney

Patrick Kearney of the Atlanta Falcons. I love football pants, don't you?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Randy Blue Preview - Blake and Brent

From RandyBlue.com: One of the reasons I love running this site is because it gives me the chance to live out fantasies in my videos. They could be mine, or my friends, maybe something I've seen on TV, or even the models themselves. One of the guys was doing a live show in our new gym when someone in the chat room asked if he had ever had sex at the gym. He replied that he never had but wouldn't that be hot. Well, sometimes its one little phrase that sets my wheels spinning. I thought, what if two hot guys, such as Brent Diggs and Blake Riley, were working out alone one day and the hot musky sent of their sweat and the muscles flexing and glistening in the overhead lights became too much for them to handle? I mean, think of it. The fantasy of having sex in the gym is one that a lot of gay men have had. There's just something so masculine about the surroundings, with all those machines that would provide many different opportunities for new positions. And the thrill of having sex in a public place where anyone could walk in on you. Plus, you just can't escape the image of all those hot sweaty men pumping iron while you pump your boyfriend, fuckbuddy or random trick. I asked Brent and Blake if they would be up for it and they both jumped at the chance. Turns out they both think the gym is one of the sexiest places around. Not to mention the fact that they were both so into each other. Blake's body is as tight and toned as ever. And Brent is obviously comfortable working out as you can tell by his smooth bulging biceps, hunky legs and huge pecs. Two hunks like this let loose in a gym with no boundaries. What more could you want? Click here to see it all!

English Lads Preview - Charlie Alexander

MalePerfection.net - Worship - Matthew Rush and Rod Daily

From MalePerfection.net: This footage of Matthew Rush and Rod Daily was originally shot to create preview videos to promote the release of "Pounded Daily" on RHJ. Those previews videos will be uploaded to some of the social networks and family-oriented tube sites. Well, sans the nakedness.

There was enough footage that I released it here on MP as a bonus video. Keep in mind that the rule of thumb on MP is that nothing exits or enters the guys bodies, and this video adheres to that. It's probably the biggest "tease" video that I've produced, and if it drives you insane that Matthew and Rod don't go for it, you can watch all the action in "Pounded Daily" RHJ

MalePerfection.net - Kyle Bill

From MalePerfection.net: About "Kyle Bill: Kyle Bill reminds me of some of my college buddies - the all American athletic jocks that skipped Friday afternoon classes so they could hit the gym before crashing frat parties and fucking sorority girls.Although Kyle has certain metrosexual qualities about him - the shaved body and highlighted hair - he's not afraid to get dirty, working as a maintenance guy at a ginormous apartment complex. Trust me, if Kyle worked at the complex where I went to college the faucets would mysteriously be springing leaks every day. He is the real-life version of what every porn maintenance fantasy was built upon.He's a wrester, too, and was looking for some quick cash to pay off his wife's boob job, so I asked him to wrassle Ryan Mackton in the nude - no kissing, no sex, no hard ons, just good ol' fashion Greek/Roman nude wrestling. Well, except that it would be on a bed in a loft. Thinking about it for a few days, he declined, saying that it would come across too homoerotic. Well, yeah, that's kind of the point!