Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rock Hard Jocks Preview - Ryan Star in Finger Fuck and Cum

About this Video: Finger Fuck and Cum
This is about a straight forward as a JO video gets. Two cameras, Ryan Star jacking off. John finger fucking him. Ryan cums.
This was the second load Ryan shot (of three within 70 minutes) with the expectation of stringing all three together in one video. Because John changed too many aesthetics between shots, they were released as three separate videos.
So here is the second cum shot. No lead-in. No special thrills. Just one oozing spill.

About Ryan Star

I like to book all types of jocks. Ryan Star is a runner, and his tight round ass is proof of that.
When Ryan submitted himself, he boasted of a turbo sex drive that could outlast virtually anyone, and admitted to cumming multiple times a day. So we booked him to cum as many times as possible within thirty minutes, planning to just let the cameras roll. Unfortunately, we did not specify that he should not cum during the days leading up to the shoot and he had sex, multiple times, the night before.
He easily pumped out three loads within 70 minutes, the only difference is that I'll release them as three separate videos.
The first cum shot was of John jacking him off. Afterward, Ryan said, "You know what made me cum? You playing with my asshole." So Ryan jacked himself for the second cum shot while John played with his ass. And to put Ryan over the edge a thrid time, John had four fingers buried deep in Ryan's ass.

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