Saturday, February 21, 2009 - WWF Ryan Mackton

Male Perfection proudly brings you WWF professional wrestler Ryan Mackton in his first ever nude videos.
His entire life Ryan wanted to become a pro wrestler, and has successfully done so, now moving up the ranks within the organization. "It's my passion," said Ryan. "If I'm not competing in the ring, I working back stage. Every day I learn something new."
I asked why he wanted to be on Male Perfection. "Why not?!?" he answered, and that seems to be his attitude with just about everything: Give it a try and if it works that's great, if not at least he tried.
Ryan has done a number of fitness and wrestling promo shoots. MP will be his video debut, with his first ever solo on RHJ.
About the Video "Putting On A Show" Pro wrestler Ryan Mackton comes home from winning a meet and notices that he's left his web cam turned on, and that you're watching him, so he puts on a show for you. But this is better than a web cam because you move around him, getting the best angles of this young athlete's incredible body.
What do you like best about Ryan? His youthful face, smile, thick eyelashes and baby blue eyes? His guns? His chest, abs and oblique? Or are you more interested in his cock and ass?
Ryan strips completely nude for you, allowing the web cam to linger on his tight butt and engorged hard on.
Let Ryan seduce you, making you wet, again and again! Click here to see his preview page!


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