Wednesday, February 25, 2009 - Vince Ferelli in Brushed Steel

About this Video: Brushed Steel
I like the concept that John came up with for this video. And there is just something ultra masculine about the steel doors, cream city brick and air duct piping that made this the perfect setting for Vince Ferelli.
Plus the use of shadows used as a cock block, and the now-you-see-it now-you-don't panning style of Vince's package through the tube gives way to some great tease.
The warehouse is a commercial space for artists and musicians, and just on the other side of the steel doors is the main thoroughfare. Due to the lighting Vince must have been casting shadows across the smoked windows. People on the other side of the door were curious and kept peaking through the crack between the doors. Surprisingly, Vince became nervous about it, so much so that John had to fill the space between the doors. Once that was down, Vince was once again raring to go.

About Vince:
Vince Ferrelli entered the adult market a week prior to shooting with us, and he's jumping in with both feet. Matter of fact, he is so overly booked with adult gigs that if it weren't for a cancellation, we would have missed shooting him last time. So you'll be seeing quite a bit of him in the future for a number of different companies..
Although he has experimented with a guy once in the past, and says that he's 80% straight, he has made the decision to do gay-for-pay. "Why else?" he admits, "It pays more."
Vince is great - rough around the edges, opinionated and extremely intelligent, but also a team player that will do whatever is best for a project he is working on.

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