Monday, April 20, 2009

Man of the Day - Danny Rhymes from Randy Blue

From Danny Rhymes is one of my best buddies, and he can usually be found hanging around my pool when he isn't fucking some hot guy he's met. I can't think of anybody who likes sex more than Danny. He knows how to give great head, but he's an eager bottom that can accommodate just about anything that comes his way. If he's not sure he can get it up his ass, he's willing to find out. Most of the guys he bottoms for love his enthusiasm. He has no trouble maintaining a hard-on while the living daylights are being fucked out of him, which to be honest is pretty uncommon. There are also those times when Danny makes an excellent top man, and he loves to fuck a hot ass with gusto. He works out in WeHo at the same gym I go to, and he always seems to be the center of attention. Word may be out about what a super guy he is or his reputation of being able to satisfy a man in any position may be preceding him. I've asked him to pose for me several times, alone or with some of his friends, and he obliges me every time. I'm never disappointed! Click here to see more!


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